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Help to find a good Nursing Home for seniors is a challenge.   It is possible to find a good nursing home, but you have to do your homework.   You have most likely visited the government site:  We fill in the data that is missing from this report.  Missing data includes staffing information not included in the report.  Did you know that you will not receive close to the amount of care indicated in this report.  We will explain why this is happening in most nursing homes across America.  We will show you the red flags you may not initially see.

We provide the information, reports and lists you need to find the best place possible.  You hear a lot of complaints, but we give you a different list so you can compare with confidence.  We take out the hassle and remove obstacles you might not know exist.  We give you the real scoop to find the right nursing home.  We give you the red flags to watch out for.

Red Flags

  • Food which is unappealing and tastes bad
  • Nasty smelling hallways and rooms
  • Overworked staff
  • Residents lined up in hallways
  • Can you see bruises
  • Are there bedsores
  • Do residents look unkempt


We research information on:

Memory Care and Alzheimer’s units, Long-term care, diversity, i.e. LGBT seniors, how to protect seniors from falls, special diets, freedom of choice, staying active, keeping residents engaged, resident and family councils, reliable transportation, time spent outdoors to name a few topics.




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We will be adding information frequently on various tops helping not only to stay current on issues, but to avoid pitfalls you don’t see in the path.  Don’t trust places that give you minimum requirements because you need more than just the bare bones of care.  Look for the best.

Nurses need good places to work


It shouldn’t surprise people, that nursing homes are not at the top of the list nurse’s make when looking for employment.  However, nurses will find the information they need to make a wise choice finding a good nursing home to become employed.  See also:

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