Minimum Standards in Patient Care

                      Minimum standards in patient care

Meeting Minimum standards in patient care seems like a no-brainer.  However, nursing homes have taken the very least required care mandated by law, and turned that into something admirable.   Being the least you can be to barely pass isn’t good, it’s despicable.  Nursing homes should be boasting they far exceed these minimum standards.  How much nursing hours you will receive is an important marker.  Does a nursing home only barely meet these standards, or are they exceeding them?

Your mother, deserves to be happy, safe and well cared for. Unlock the secrets they are hiding of infection, abuse, and neglect. Find a place you can trust, danger free and well-staffed. We make it easy to find the ones who will protect your mother. The first line of defense is our calculator, giving your accurate data on every home in America. The second line of defense is our odometer showing you what is accurately happening across the United States.

We give you all the information you need to know in the blogs in four areas such as, “about you“, “Medicines“, “Equipment” and “assessment“.

What are minimum standards?  Minimum standards are what nursing facilities use to prove they are giving good care.  The government sets the standards by noting how much nursing care is needed.  The lowest possible standards are the minimum standards.

What is wrong with minimum standards? The minimum pay rate is $7.25 as I write this in 2016. That standard is not livable, yet the government insists it is. The minimum requirements for marriage is that you have to have reached a certain age, and you must have a pulse. Minimum does not give you a lot. While I can’t guarantee any Nursing home’s safety, I can give you quick and easy to use tools to increase your odds of finding the best facility in your area. Smart Pick Nursing Home will quickly calculate staffing in any Nursing home.

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